Privacy Statement and Disclaimer

Privacy Statement

The purpose of this statement is to explain the types of information collected about visitors to this site, how the information is collected, and how it is used. Note that this site is hosted and maintained by Booz Allen Hamilton (Booz Allen) on behalf of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office (JPO). The privacy policy stated here is a Booz Allen policy and pertains only to the ITS Benefits Database, ITS Costs Database, and Lessons Learned Knowledge Resource and does not apply to any other portions of the Booz Allen Web site. View the DOT's Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

Booz Allen collects two (2) types of information when an individual visits this site:

  • Non-individually-identifiable; and
  • Individually-identifiable.

Individually-identifiable information is collected only if a visitor provides this information to us. Each type of information and its collection process is described below.


Certain information is collected whenever an individual visits the site to read information or download files. Information that is automatically (i.e., involuntarily) collected from site visitors cannot be used to personally identify a visitor. The following information is automatically collected and stored about your visit:

  1. Internet domain (e.g., your company name, Internet Service Provider (ISP), school) and organization type (e.g., .com, .edu, .net) from which you access our Web site. Booz Allen does not use "cookies" when an individual visits this site;
  2. City, state, and/or country from which your visit originated;
  3. Date, time, and duration of your visit;
  4. Entry and exit points, and path taken within the Booz Allen domain to reach this site;
  5. Web pages visited within this site;
  6. Types of forms submitted; and
  7. Files downloaded.

This information is aggregated and is used to evaluate and improve upon this Web site.


The only individually-identifiable information collected is voluntarily provided by the individual site visitor. Anytime an individual visitor sends email to us or provides their name and/or contact info through a form, that individual can be identified. Individually-identifiable information provided from email sent to any of the email addresses listed under the "Contact Us" link will be used solely for the purpose of replying or responding to the original email message. In certain cases, email may be forwarded to individuals within our Government client office and/or our ITS program office who can best answer or respond to your questions.

Individually-identifiable information provided via forms will be used, if needed, to contact the individual for follow-up purposes. In certain cases, information submitted may be forwarded to individuals within our Government client office and/or our ITS program office who may work on or provide suggestions on the proposed update to the Web site, or better answer or respond to your questions.

Booz Allen is committed to ensuring that individual privacy is safeguarded. Therefore, privacy-related information, submitted via this Web site, is not viewable by or accessible to the public. Access to this information is closely controlled and is restricted to the few individuals requiring administrative access to the database.

Information collected from visits to this site are not sold, nor distributed to third parties. Information collected from site visits is shared with our Government sponsor only when deemed appropriate or when email is addressed to Government personnel listed on this site. Information may be shared with authorized law enforcement investigations.


The information provided on this site is disseminated under the sponsorship of the Department of Transportation in the interest of information exchange. The United States Government assumes no liability for its contents or use thereof. Furthermore, Booz Allen does not assume liability for the contents of this Web site or use thereof.

Contact Information

Questions regarding this Web privacy statement and disclaimer should be directed to Francis Swift at or by U.S. Postal address:

Francis Swift
Senior Systems Engineer
Booz Allen Hamilton
20 M Street SE
Washington, DC 20003, USA

This privacy statement and disclaimer may change without prior notice. It is the intent of Booz Allen to keep this Web privacy statement and disclaimer consistent with the actual information collection and storage practices.